The food should never eat without cooking

Food is the medicine but sometime one food can make the poison that why we need to know about the food before we eat. In this content, we would like to share about the food that should not eat without cooking in our kitchen as the health tip for people health.


Normally potato is the nutrient for the people health but we should not eat without cook or boil or fired or something like that. It can cause the weakness for the stomach and such as the gastrointestinal problems as well as bad odors and allergies in the digestive tract. What the reason is “It is hard to digest,” says Lisa Dacis who is the officer at Terra Kitchen.

Scattered Red kidney beans on white background

If you cook the potato, it breaks down and makes it easier for digestion. That why people should care for these health tip especially before eating the potato. The next fact, that is the place of storage for the potato, if you store potato at the wet place, hot place Excessive heat may cause green spots on the surface and that is the sign of Solaine poison and carefully not to eat because it may become the food poison. 

Kidney Beans

Generally, it was full for the nutrition and wealth in protein because it is the type of the bean. It is wealth in the fiber and It reduces oxidation. However, raw greens can have a bad effect on the stomach. Green beans contain poisonous phytohemagglutinin if you eat without cooking. It will make you the food poison.  

Korean chicken pox

It the type of hot dog but some of people called Korean chicken pox, although it is the ready made food, but you should not eat without cooking because it has Listeria and this Listeria will dead after cooking and it can troubles to the stomach that why people should eat after cooking or boiling or frying.

The Milk

This is one of the favorite foods of the author, but it has full with E. coli and Salmonella bacteria. According the FDA, if people drink the milk without cooking, it will increase the risk of stomach cramps (diarrhea, nausea, flu, diarrhea) by up to 150%. That why please Drink the milk.

Bean Spout

It is one of the foods that most of people eat and it is the nutrient for the people if eating after cooking but in fresh bean spout has E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria and that why please wash with salt water and cooking.

Indian Badum Seed

Nowadays, this seed is very popular for the nutrient and prevent some disease but people should know it has Hydrocyanic Acid which is can cause poisoning, such as hydrogen sulphide, and even water. According the Spruce data, if someone eat 70 seeds at once, it may be died but can cook for the health.

Dear, audient please kindly should read carefully above the food and avoid these foods without cooking or boiling or frying. Have a great health in your life.

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